Organic & Gluten-Free Foods: Traveling Gluten-Free

How do you feed yourself, when you travel, if your diet demands Gluten-Free Foods?

Traveling with a gluten intolerance is not easy. Most people, when on the road, rely on restaurants, gas stations & hotel menus to keep them happy & well-fed. On a gluten free diet, this won’t work. Unless you’re visiting a city, like Raleigh, with a number of gluten free restaurants, you’ll be desperately short on options.

According to “Gluten-Free Cooking“,  “Gluten-free living is challenging & gluten-free travel is challenge squared!  The cardinal rule for safe & healthy gluten-free travel is to plan ahead.  Whether by foot, bike, car, boat, train or plane stay nourished all day long with healthy gluten-free foods & resources.”

What are some options, to make life easier, when on the road?

1. Always Keep Travel Foods on Hand

Keep a stash of foods on hand that you can down in a pinch. If you’re out sightseeing & cannot find a place to eat but your family can’t wait any longer, these foods, which you can stock up on at Harmony Farms, will hold you over until you find a gluten free alternative.

  • Larabars
  • Trail Mix
  • Candy Bars (yup, most of them are gluten free – but check the packaging!)

    Lots of delicious varieties of flavors!

    Lots of delicious varieties of flavors!

  • Chips or Crackers
  • Single Serving Hummus
  • Vegetables & Fruit
Healthy Chips!

Healthy Chips!

It’s not a meal but if you have a good stash on hand you will never go hungry. It’s not as exciting as eating in new restaurants, but it’s better than going hungry.

2. Stay in a Cooking Friendly Hotel

The Extended Stay America hotel chain offers a full kitchen with every hotel room, a huge plus for someone with a gluten intolerance who cannot eat out very often. When booking hotels, look for ones with at least a kitchenette – a single burner at the very minimum to make meals on. If you are staying for more than 2 weeks, consider renting a house or apartment to ensure you have full access to a kitchen.

3. Download the Gluten Free Registry App for Your Phone 

The Gluten Free Registry is a website devoted to compiling a list of gluten free friendly bakeries, restaurants, grocers & caterers around the United States. They currently have more than 25,000 listings in their database & it is being updated constantly by users. The iPhone & Android apps are an absolute must while traveling. They will show all gluten-free locations near you on a map or in list format, including both grocery stores with gluten free options & restaurants. Recently, they added an “I want pizza!” button too, a nice touch.

Gluten free traveling is not ideal. You can’t eat your way through a new city like you would before you were diagnosed, but you can pursue a semblance of normalcy by doing your research in advance & preparing for your trip.

Harmony Farms endeavors to bring you the very best Wheat & Gluten-Free Products made.  At Harmony Farms, we create an environment friendly to all Celiac Disease Experiences & will help in any way that we can.  Celiac Disease Foundation & Support Groups are critical in maintaining a solid network for successful Gluten-Free living.  Print your own, free Harmony Farms Gluten-Free List to keep abreast of the Gluten-Free Products that we offer.  Contact us at; 919-782-0064 or for questions, consultations or food products!