Curcumin Can Prevent Cancer


The Super Healer!

The Super Healer!

An amazing event was held this past August 19, 2015 at the Newark International Marriott in Newark, NJ. The impetus of this event should have been on the front pages of every newspaper the following day. As a big retailer for Terry Naturally/Europharma  Supplements,, we were honored to in attendance to witness the unveiling of 3 years of 15 clinical studies  involving 12 different cancers on their form of Turmeric Extract Curcumin called BCM95 proving that BCM95 Curcumin stopped and prevented cancer and even made chemotherapy stronger and safer!

Dr. Ajay Goel, PH.D.,…/AjayGoel.aspx, headed the studies. He is the Director the Baylor University Medical Center Research Center for Epigenetics and along with the founder and CEO of Terry Naturally, Terry Lemerond, presented these astounding findings to an awestruck audience of Natural Food Independent Retailers from across the Eastern United States. Why this particular audience? Because they are both committed to keeping BCM95 in the public Natural Health Food Stores to make it more available and cheaper for our communities. 

Of course Harmony Farms has been selling Terry Naturally products for many years! 

Turmeric extract Curcumin has been one of the most studied compounds in the world the past decade. Yielding confirmations on it’s ability to rid the heart and brain of plaque, boosting the auto immune system, a powerful anti-inflammatory,  and many other findings. Please visit Terry Naturally’s website listed above and or simply search Curcumin clinical trials to find the many studies published. 

We are very grateful for the efforts of Dr. Goel, Mr. Lemerond, and all the many people associated with their efforts! We look forward to continuing to service our community in the ever leading quest to achieve optimum health using the highest quality natural methods!

See you soon in Harmony! Steve Long and Nancy Long

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Nancy Long, Classical Naturopath, Usui Reiki Master
Steve Long, Certified Health Specialist, Usui Reiki Mater


One of the foundational goals of all complimentary modalities is to work in symbiosis with traditional (allopathic) medicine. This is especially true in the Organic/Natural Foods world where more people than ever are turning for advice when they learn of a medical diagnosis for themselves, a family member or friend.

At Harmony Farms Natural Foods Store we believe in educating customers and working with them to provide the best Organic/Natural options to facilitate healing. The first aspect we consider is diet. You want your body to become strong in order to overcome your health challenge, and the best way to ensure this is to make sure you are consuming the foods that are best for you. Eating organic foods to the extent possible is essential as these foods contain fewer of the toxins that inhibit your body’s natural healing abilities. Typically, organic foods are higher in nutritional value, are more easily absorbed, and provide more effective support to your immune system.

A diet guided by your blood type

We believe that following the guidelines outlined by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo in Eat Right For Your Type is imperative for building the strength of all your body’s systems. Many customers tell us that simply changing their diet to match their blood type eliminated many of their health challenges. For example, if you are a Blood Type A, you are a natural vegetarian. The components of your blood produce different types of enzymes and bacteria than those with Blood Type O, who are more oriented for eating meats. While consuming meats is not impossible for a Type A, doing so is more difficult on the body as they are more difficult to digest, cause gas and bloating, and generate more heat in the body. The Type A should take extra precautions when consuming meats so as to facilitate the digestive process and cause less stress to both the digestive system and the immune system.

Drink your filtered water

No matter your health condition, whether you have been diagnosed with a health challenge or are ready to run a marathon, you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces each day. So, if you are 130 pounds you need 65 ounces of water per day. Coffee and sodas do not count as they inhibit hydration. Teas, fruit juices and water do count, so it is easier than you think. Your body must be properly hydrated for all your systems to function at their best.

Supplements from a trusted source

When you have a health challenge, there are vitamins and herbs that may assist in bringing you back to optimum health. Remember, many of both over-the-counter and prescription drugs marketed today have botanical origins. And, while herbs and other botanicals may take longer to work, they can most definitely provide healing benefits. Make sure you are taking the proper vitamins and herbs for your health challenge and for your everyday routine. Buying your supplements from a trusted source is critical, so please opt to purchase at a location where the employees are knowledgeable and can assist you with any questions you may have. It is vitally important that you follow your doctor’s recommendations and that you also do your own research and educate yourself thoroughly, and then purchase your supplements from a trusted source.

Get plenty of sleep

It is essential that you achieve the REM Sleep Cycle each night so that your body is able to begin to heal itself from the wear and tear of the daily grind and from your health challenges. If you do not sleep well, the healing process will be much more difficult. In fact, even if you are doing everything else right, your lack of deep sleep could undermine all those other efforts. Healing begins with what you put into your mouth and continues with deep, healing sleep.

Steve and Nancy say, "You Are What You Eat!"

Steve and Nancy say, “You Are What You Eat!”

When you receive a diagnosis of a health challenge, please take the time to educate yourself not only about your particular health issue, but also about the complementary treatment opportunities that exist. And remember, one of the best ways you can help your body achieve optimum health is through the use of the best organic and natural foods, vitamins and herbs. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you!

By Nancy Long, ND    Harmony Farms

Contact Steve Long and Nancy Long, ND, at Harmony Farms Natural Foods Store, 5653 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27606. Phone 919-782-0064 and visit

Organic & Gluten-Free Foods: Traveling Gluten-Free

How do you feed yourself, when you travel, if your diet demands Gluten-Free Foods?

Traveling with a gluten intolerance is not easy. Most people, when on the road, rely on restaurants, gas stations & hotel menus to keep them happy & well-fed. On a gluten free diet, this won’t work. Unless you’re visiting a city, like Raleigh, with a number of gluten free restaurants, you’ll be desperately short on options.

According to “Gluten-Free Cooking“,  “Gluten-free living is challenging & gluten-free travel is challenge squared!  The cardinal rule for safe & healthy gluten-free travel is to plan ahead.  Whether by foot, bike, car, boat, train or plane stay nourished all day long with healthy gluten-free foods & resources.”

What are some options, to make life easier, when on the road?

1. Always Keep Travel Foods on Hand

Keep a stash of foods on hand that you can down in a pinch. If you’re out sightseeing & cannot find a place to eat but your family can’t wait any longer, these foods, which you can stock up on at Harmony Farms, will hold you over until you find a gluten free alternative.

  • Larabars
  • Trail Mix
  • Candy Bars (yup, most of them are gluten free – but check the packaging!)

    Lots of delicious varieties of flavors!

    Lots of delicious varieties of flavors!

  • Chips or Crackers
  • Single Serving Hummus
  • Vegetables & Fruit
Healthy Chips!

Healthy Chips!

It’s not a meal but if you have a good stash on hand you will never go hungry. It’s not as exciting as eating in new restaurants, but it’s better than going hungry.

2. Stay in a Cooking Friendly Hotel

The Extended Stay America hotel chain offers a full kitchen with every hotel room, a huge plus for someone with a gluten intolerance who cannot eat out very often. When booking hotels, look for ones with at least a kitchenette – a single burner at the very minimum to make meals on. If you are staying for more than 2 weeks, consider renting a house or apartment to ensure you have full access to a kitchen.

3. Download the Gluten Free Registry App for Your Phone 

The Gluten Free Registry is a website devoted to compiling a list of gluten free friendly bakeries, restaurants, grocers & caterers around the United States. They currently have more than 25,000 listings in their database & it is being updated constantly by users. The iPhone & Android apps are an absolute must while traveling. They will show all gluten-free locations near you on a map or in list format, including both grocery stores with gluten free options & restaurants. Recently, they added an “I want pizza!” button too, a nice touch.

Gluten free traveling is not ideal. You can’t eat your way through a new city like you would before you were diagnosed, but you can pursue a semblance of normalcy by doing your research in advance & preparing for your trip.

Harmony Farms endeavors to bring you the very best Wheat & Gluten-Free Products made.  At Harmony Farms, we create an environment friendly to all Celiac Disease Experiences & will help in any way that we can.  Celiac Disease Foundation & Support Groups are critical in maintaining a solid network for successful Gluten-Free living.  Print your own, free Harmony Farms Gluten-Free List to keep abreast of the Gluten-Free Products that we offer.  Contact us at; 919-782-0064 or for questions, consultations or food products!

Organic & Gluten-Free Foods: Raising Children Gluten-Free

Convincing a child to eat much of anything is a chore, so how do you handle a child that has been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance?

It isn’t easy, but there are ways to convince them that it is not only best for their health but an enjoyable way to eat.

What are some tips for raising a child on a gluten free diet?

**Always Be Educating

Don’t simply tell your child “you can’t have gluten”. Many adults have a hard time understanding gluten and what foods it is in, so it’s unrealistic to expect a child to do any better. Spend time showing your child what gluten is in, how it appears on labels and how to avoid it.

Certified Gluten-Free Label

Certified Gluten-Free Label


More importantly, explain to them the reason why they need to be careful!


What exactly will happen to them when they eat gluten containing foods? They may experience allergic reactions, damage their digestive system, or suffer from numerous other medical conditions!  Consequences speak volumes for children.

To drive this home, create a notebook that your child can carry with them containing a list of foods they cannot have and a list of foods they can have. This will help when they go to a friend’s house or are in school where boundaries are often broken without your knowledge.

How do you find foods that your children like?

The real issue with gluten free diets for children is finding foods the child will like. Especially if they were previously allowed to eat things like cake and bread, changing to gluten free variations can be very hard.

Begin by  printing your own, free HARMONY GF LIST to keep abreast of the Gluten-Free Products that we offer.

It’s important to find and develop gluten free variations on kid favorites like macaroni and cheese, pizza, spaghetti, cookies and other sweets. Almost anything you can think of that contains gluten can be made without gluten in some form or another. Don’t allow yourself to think that they need to eat different foods – just different ingredients. At the same time, don’t pour money into processed gluten free foods which can be prohibitively expensive.

Gluten-Free Cookies

Gluten-Free Cookies


How do you communicate with other adults?

Once your child is out of sight, it’s very likely they will be presented with gluten-containing foods. While your efforts to educate them on the risks of eating gluten will certainly help, you must also talk to the adults they are with. Teachers, parents of their friends and family members must all understand the extreme health risk of eating gluten. Make sure they understand the severity (comparisons to diabetes or peanut allergies often get the point across) and ensure your child always has gluten free snacks on hand so they don’t get left out of class activities.

Gluten-Free Snacks

Gluten-Free Snacks


With the right level of communication and preparation, you can ensure your child is never left out because of their gluten intolerance – life can be normal even if it is a little more complicated.  Please contact Harmony Farms to access the largest Gluten-Free product & supplement selection along with a highly trained & helpful staff ready to serve you!  Contact us here or email or 919-782-0064.


Organic & Gluten Free Foods: Hidden Sources of Gluten in Your Diet Part 2

For those diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, the transition to a gluten free diet is filled with potential pitfalls.   Jax Pets Lowell, author of The Gluten – Free Bible shifts this view to say, “Todays‘ celiac lives in a universe that is vastly larger than the narrow world of inedible food…specialty stores have bloomed, offering high-quality products that…taste as good or even better than the foods we must forgo!”

There are dozens of foods and products out there filled with additives and possible hidden sources of gluten.  However, looking at Gluten-Free with Lowell’s perspective shifts this lifestyle as an adventure!

How do you avoid those foods and ensure you are never surprised by a sudden bout of illness?

Educate yourself on what is safe for you and your loved ones to consume.

This is the second article (of two) describing 5 more hidden sources of gluten to avoid.  The first article is found on the prior blog post.

1. Impure Oats – Oats are a big sticking point for many people with gluten intolerances. Technically, pure oats are gluten free, but many oats are cut in a way that exposes them to gluten and can make them dangerous.

Harmony Farms offers a variety of Gluten-Free and Organic products including Arrowhead Mills Gluten-Free Cereals. Visit our store or call us at 919-782-0064 to find out more. Arrowhead-Mills-GF-Steel-Cut-Oats

2. The Hidden Terms – Various terms may be used to describe gluten containing ingredients on packaging. Malt, graham, spelt, kamut, and natural flavoring are all examples of blanket terms that refer to gluten ingredients. Spices may also contain gluten as flour is used to keep them from clumping.

3. HVP, HPP, TVP – Various vegetable protein mixes almost always contain gluten as it is what gives these meat substitutes their chewy texture. If you are a vegetarian, avoid any “fake-chicken” products.

4. Restaurants (cross contamination) – Even if a restaurant offers a gluten free menu, beware that there is no way to ensure the food didn’t come in contact with gluten containing foods. Cross contamination is a major risk in a restaurant environment so be careful where you eat.

5. Colorings – Some colorings used for drinks and certain foods may contain gluten. Check with manufacturer’s websites before eating anything that has any sort of non-dye coloring in it.

Gluten is present in hundreds of everyday foods and finding it can be a stressful process. Thankfully, awareness is growing for the problems faced by those with gluten-intolerances and uncovering hidden gluten sources is becoming easier, but you should remain vigilant to avoid accidental ingestion.

At Harmony Farms we strive to create an environment friendly to all Celiac Disease Experiences and will help in any way that we can.  Celiac Disease Foundation and Support Groups are critical in maintaining a solid network for successful Gluten-Free living.  Print your own, free HARMONY GF LIST to keep abreast of the Gluten-Free Products that we offer.

Organic & Gluten Free Foods: Hidden Sources of Gluten in Your Diet Part 1

For those diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, the transition to a gluten free diet is filled with potential pitfalls.  What are these potential pitfalls?

According to Wikipedia, “Gluten-free food is normally seen as a diet for celiac disease, but people with a gluten allergy  (an unrelated disease) should also avoid all other grains.”  There are dozens of foods and products out there filled with additives and possible hidden sources of gluten. To avoid those foods and ensure you are never surprised by a sudden bout of illness, here are 5 hidden sources of gluten to avoid.

1. Dog Food – Commercial dog food is loaded with fillers and at the top of the list is usually gluten. Cat food can often contain gluten as well, though not as commonly as dog food. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after feeding your pets, or find a grain-free food for your dog.

Wash your hands after you feed me!

Wash your hands after you feed me!

2. Skin care products – Many skin care products, like sun tan lotion, acne cream and shampoo contain gluten from the manufacturing process. The amount is small and the chances of it getting in your mouth are smaller but if you are very sensitive, it can be enough to make you sick.

3. Shared Foods – Say your spouse puts peanut butter on his normal, gluten-filled bread and then wipes the excess peanut butter off on the rim of the jar. Now there is gluten in the peanut butter jar. Cross contamination at home is one of the biggest obstacles for families transitioning one or more members to a gluten free diet.

4. Glue on Envelopes – The glue on stamps and envelopes often contains gluten from the flour used in manufacturing to dry the glue. Use a sponge to wet your envelopes or get the peel and stick kind.

5. Medications – As with skin care products, medications are made on an assembly-line where flour is used as an anti-caking agent. Always check with the manufacturer’s website to make sure your pills are gluten free (increasingly this is the case). Vitamins and over the counter supplements are a risk for this as well.

At Harmony Farms we strive to create an environment friendly to all Celiac Disease Experiences and will help in any way that we can.  Celiac Disease Foundation and Support Groups are critical in maintaining a solid network for successful Gluten-Free living.  Print your own, free HARMONY GF LIST to keep abreast of the Gluten-Free Products that we offer.


Organic & Gluten-Free Foods: What Is Gluten?

Have you noticed that Celebrity cookbooks for gluten free living are everywhere?  More and more restaurants offer a gluten free menu. So, what is gluten and why are so many people unable or unwilling to eat it all of a sudden?

What is Gluten?

According to Wikipedia, Gluten is “is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species.” Webster’s Dictionary goes on to say that, “gluten is a tenacious elastic protein substance especially of wheat flour that gives cohesiveness to dough.”

Why are so many people unable to eat Gluten?

Some people cannot process or have a mild allergy to gluten. Most notably, gluten is found in wheat, but it can also be found in rye, barley and spelt. If you’ve ever had bread made with rice you know that the texture is very different. The familiar doughiness of wheat or rye bread is gone, replaced by a hard graininess. This is because the gluten in wheat and rye that gives it texture is not present in rice-flour based bread.

Why is gluten a problem?

What makes gluten so unhealthy for so many people is gluten intolerance; there are 2 levels:

1.- General allergy or intolerance. This is similar to someone who cannot properly process dairy products or who gets a stomach ache after eating corn. Their bodies are not properly equipped to digest those foods. The same can be true for some people with gluten.

2.-Celiac disease. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack gluten as if it is a disease or foreign body. As a result, the body can do tremendous amounts of damage to the intestines, duodenum, and colon. While digestive distress is one of many symptoms of celiac disease, there are many people who have no such symptoms and instead suffer from skin problems, asthma, lethargy or general malaise. The reason is that the destruction in the intestines makes it impossible for the body to fully absorb nutrients from food like vitamins and minerals. The body is therefore starved of the nutrients it needs, creating a number of health problems.

How Do You Avoid Gluten?

Gluten is in a number of foods. Beyond the most obvious foods like bread, pasta and beer, gluten can be found in everything from ketchup to ice cream. As a result, living on a gluten free diet can be hard, especially for those with celiac disease who can be made sick by even a very small amount of the substance.

Gluten intolerance is a serious condition that must be handled seriously to avoid long term damaging effects. That’s why it is so important to be properly educated about the nature of gluten, what it is found in and how best to avoid it in your daily diet.  Harmony Farms endeavors to bring to you the very best Wheat and Gluten-Free Products made.  At Harmony Farms, we strive to create an environment friendly to all Celiac Disease Experiences and will help in any way that we can.  Celiac Disease Foundation and Support Groups are critical in maintaining a solid network for successful Gluten-Free living.   Print your own, free HARMONY GF LIST to keep abreast of the Gluten-Free Products that we offer.


Certified Gluten-Free Supplements-Country Life

Certified Gluten-Free Supplements-Country Life