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Artist: Melissa Wooten, 2010

Artist: Melissa Wooten, 2010


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Steve Long, Co-Owner of Harmony Farms,  is available for speaking engagements both for hire and for educational charity. Depending on size and scope of your Event/Company/Organization. Co-Owner Nancy Long, ND will participate in the Q&A Segment at the end of the presentation. We will speak for groups and companies of all sizes. Steve is the primary speaker especially for larger events where Nancy assists with the Intro and Ending Q&A; while Nancy will give special presentations for smaller groups mainly oriented for women and or the elderly.

We have developed a program called The Six Pillars of the Natural Lifestyle Path that introduces you to the foundations of understanding what are the most important aspects of living naturally. Please see below the outline of the special presentation. This presentation can be adjusted to address the specific needs of your group!

Please contact us at Harmony Farms, 919-782-0064, if you are interested in learning more on how we can best serve your group!

The Six Pillars for Living The Natural Lifestyle:

 1.  Sleeping:  

2.  Effective Supplements: The Top Seven- Why these?


     2.Flax Seed Oil:

     3.Fish Body Oils:

     4. Vitamin D3:

     5.Green-Foods/Super-Foods Powder/Drink:

     6.Digestive Enzymes/Probiotics:

7. Curcumin(Turmeric Extract)


  3.Your Food:

  4. Your Water:

  5. Your Home:

  6. Your Body, Mind & Spirit:


***The combination of these aforementioned practices

will assist you in optimizing your life  potential as